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Probiotic Blend Coffee

Wylder Coffee Co

Probiotic Blend Coffee

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Your probiotic supplement, and your coffee, combined into one bag. Drawing on three generations of coffee wisdom, Wylder has hand-selected a robust strain of extremophile probiotic and organically-farmed, high altitude, 100% Arabica beans. They are the first in the world to combine extremophile probiotics with ground organic coffee. The extremophile probiotic in this blend survives both the heat of brewing, and the acidity of your digestive tract, so that the taste of the best organic coffee, and desire to take care of your body, is crafted into a single cup.

Product Highlights:

  • Gluten-Free
  • Non-Gmo
  • Vegan
  • Probiotics
  • Made from vegan soil based probiotic organisms 

Health Benefits:

Benefits of Extremophile Probiotics

Exceeds high temperatures of coffee brewing

Survives gastric acidity in the digestive tract

Supports digestive and immune function

Allows the exceptional taste of our organic coffee to come through

Wylder comes pre-ground and ready for your pour-over, french press, coffee maker, cold brewer, or Keurig cup. Sip up!

Includes 1, 12oz Bag. Appx. 24 servings per bag. AKA $1.63 per cup!


Coffee beans*, Bacillus coagulans

*Organic ingredients

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