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Cordyceps Powder
Cordyceps Powder
Cordyceps Powder
Cordyceps Powder

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Cordyceps Powder

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Cordyceps is widely regarded as a supreme immune system enhancer. It is also considered an adaptogenic substance that helps to prevent aging and supports longevity and youthfulness. It is a rejuvenation tonic that is often used by those who are recovering from illness, extended periods of stress, and general feelings of fatigue.

Product Highlights:

Cordyceps is a potent adrenal support tonic, benefiting energy, lungs, chronic fatigue, reproductive issues and more. This is a wonderful herb to take for prevention and to stay healthy. It can be taken everyday to regulate your stress response.

  • Energy
  • Libido
  • Immunity
  • Lung Power Endurance
  • Longevity
  • Adrenal Support

Take 1/4-1 tsp mixed into your favorite beverage or smoothie. We recommend taking Cordyceps on a daily basis. Adaptogens work best when taken consistently, and the effects are cumulative.

Includes one, 4oz Bag. 


Cordyceps extract powder*

*Organic ingredients

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