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Original Split Pea Crisps 4.5oz Bag (2-pack)
Original Split Pea Crisps 4.5oz Bag (2-pack)

SPLITZ Split Pea Crisps

Original Split Pea Crisps 4.5oz Bag (2-pack)

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Possibly the most addictive, crunchiest, healthiest snack, transporting you to the  vibrant and flavorful streets of India. These 100% plant-based goodies are filled with split peas and are rich in soluble and insoluble fiber. These crunchy bites provide a “full” feeling because of the complex carbohydrates, fibers, and proteins packed inside SPLITZ.

Product Highlights:

  • Gluten-Free
  • Vegan
  • Paleo

Stabilizes Blood Sugar. For people who have diabetes, the fiber contained in split peas/SPLITZ can help to balance blood sugar levels. 

Includes two 4.5oz Bags


Yellow split pea flour, salt, cumin, fresh ground garlic, turmeric, curry powder, garam masala and non-GMO expeller-pressed canola oil.

All bags of Splitz are composed of 100 percent Yellow Split Peas, no fillers or additives.

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