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Honey Bundle
Honey Bundle


Honey Bundle

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Sweeteners with benefits. These raw honeys are packed with unforgettable flavor and the benefits of healing spices. Anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting Golden Honey and mood-boosting, adaptogenic, Happy Honey is the perfect gift for anyone looking to get a little more healing into their daily ritual. Includes gift box and card.

Product Highlights:

Golden Honey Benefits:

  • HONEY: live and natural sugar alternative + probiotic + antibacterial
  • TURMERIC: anti-inflammatory + immune-boosting
  • CARDAMOM: gut soothing benefits
  • CINNAMON: anti-bacterial + balances blood sugar

Happy Honey Benefits:

  • SAGE HONEY: pollinated with sage flowers + live and natural energy booster + probiotic + balances blood sugar
  • RHODIOLA: adaptogen + energy booster
  • TULSI: adaptogen + anti-inflammatory
  • SAFFRON: mood booster + aphrodisiac
  • NUTMEG: calming to the mind + gut
  • CLOVES: powerful antioxidant + antibacterial
  • COCOA: mood-boosting + delicious flavor

 Pack includes one 11.7oz Jar of Golden Honey, one 12.3oz Jar of Happy Honey, a box and card.

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