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Viva La Vegan Collage

For the friend whose dietary restrictions may fall under the Vegan category,
give the gift of Viva La Vegan goodies and more!
Another perfect secret santa present, because one can never have too many leggings in their closet.
2. Kaleidoscope Food   $12.99
Kaleidoscope Kale Chips come in insane vegan flavors like lemon ginger miso and heirloom basil pesto.

3. Studio Arhoj Munch Bowl   $45.58
Every vegan needs a go-to bowl for munching on their salads and smoothies.

Nothing says Viva la Vegan like touting around the most adorable and coolest watermelon bag woven from beads.

5. Veja   $120.00
Veja’s line of unisex vegan sneakers is perfect for everyone and anyone as everyday sneaks.

6. Wu-Tang x Milk Makeup   $55.00
Cruelty-free, paraben-free, 100% vegan, and 100% cool. This makeup collab is on top of BUBBLE’s list.

The team at Unico say that they’re tired of sandy tasting, vegan protein powders, so they made a delish version that’s perfect for bouncing back from post workout fatigue.

We can’t believe it’s not butter! As ghee lovers, this fun sweatshirt collab has fun vegan foodie written all over it.

9. Garden Granola   $3.75
If you’ve never heard of our latest favorite food hybrid, juiced granola, let this Beetjuice in granola form be your gateway.

10. Delfonics   $15.00-$20.00
An easy solution for a secret santa: affordable vegan leather pouches.