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Bubble is a marketplace, not a retailer. Sell your clean label products directly to customers in search of the highest-quality health food.


Drop Ship Direct to Customer

The Bubble platform allows you to capitalize on the fast growing sales channel of direct to consumer shipping.

Grow Your Brand

Expand your Bubble’s health and wellness focused national customer base, content engine and influencer network.

Customer Experience

From real-time tracking to live support, we’re dedicated to making seamless deliveries and taking care of customers every step of the way!

Open A Bubble Shop


Send us 3 of each product you want to sell with Bubble to our office in NYC:

Bubble c/o Jessica Young
6 St Johns Ln
New York, NY

Please include contact information and follow up with an email:
Our team will review your products against our rigorous set of standards.

Note: All products must be produced in a certified kitchen facility. If you need help finding a space, we can point you in the right direction:
Approval & Invite
All Bubble Approved Goods will be confirmed with a letter and invite to our platform.