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Baller on a Budget Collage
Here at BUBBLE we're always ballin' on a budget.
Find perfect stocking stuffers and secret santa presents on this list.
1. E nature face masks  $2.50
Glow baby glow. At $2.50 each, these masks are sure to make you feel relaxed. And you’ll feel even better knowing that they’re made from eco-friendly and natural ingredients.
2. Yoni V-Steam Herbs   $19.99
For the ladies in your life, give the gift they never knew they needed till now. This herbal blend aids in menstrual cramps and muscle spasms.

The perfect triple threat mix of turmeric, cinnamon and nutmeg. This mix is perfect for your friends who love to experiment in the kitchen. It can be incorporated to everything from smoothies to baked goods.

Similar to Bubble, Credo makes sure all the products on their site are squeaky clean. These Honest Hazel Eye Gels are one of our faves and it’s only $13!

5. Uniqlo x Alexander Wang   $19.90
Continuing on the high end but on a budget trend, these pieces are perfect for stocking up on winter staples.

6. Bulletin Co   $4.00-$15.00
Bulletin Co. offers a wide array of affordable goodies! Their food themed trinkets are definitely Bubble Approved.

With a name like Motha Butta you know this creamy vanilla matcha butter is gonna be good. It’s the perfect gift for your matcha lovin’ friends.

8. Lola Sex Line   $10-13
Lola keeps women’s needs in mind in all their products, so stay carefree and chemical-free between the sheets this holiday season.

This plant-based hangover tonic is a practical and perfect present for all of your party animal friends.
    10. Supreme x Hanes   $25.00
    We know this breaks are $20 limit, but for only $5 more, you know you’re gonna want to cop these surprisingly practical stocking stuffers.

    11. Shoeshi - $10.00
    The perfect coffee table book for your sneakerhead and foodie lovin friends.